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Camels perish in fire on German farm


A fire at a camel farm in southern Germany saw 86 of the humped beasts perish.


Arne Dedert/DPA

Few people knew that Germany had camels until 86 perished Thursday in a massive fire near Stuttgart.

AFP reported that the fire swept through the camel farm, taking 150 firefighters to put it out. 

Firefighters were only able to save five of the camels.

Damage to the property was estimated to be worth about $2.7 million not including the cost of the lost animals, said BBC.

The farm in the village of Ebhausen was mainly used for tourism.

The farm left a pithy message on its website, said AFP:  "We have sad news." 

"In the night, the camel farm burned down. Most of the animals died."

It is still unclear what caused the fire.

It is also unclear whether the camels were Bactrian (two humps) or Dromedaries (one hump).

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