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Two Georgia men accused of stealing $65,000 in frozen chicken wings


Buffalo wings await contestants during Wing Bowl 16 at the Wachovia Center February 1, 2008 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two Atlanta, Georgia men were accused of stealing $65,000 in chicken wings in January 2013.


William Thomas Cain

Two Atlanta, Georgia men have been accused of making off with $65,000 in frozen Tyson chicken wings, in what is surely one of the odder food-related heists in recent memory.

CBS Atlanta reports that suspects Renaldo Jackson and Dewayne Patterson were employees at the Nordic Cold Storage facility outside of the city when the wings came up missing, in a theft that was swiftly foiled by management.

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The two thieves allegedly backed a truck up to the loading center at the cold storage facility and load up 10 pallets of frozen chicken, says ABC News — but were spotted in the act and apprehended by police.

The men now face felony theft charges for their misguided attempt to make off with a copious quantity of poultry. 

Why bother with a chicken wing heist? Blame the Super Bowl, which takes place in New Orleans on February 3rd.

The championship football game is a major eating holiday in the United States, and chicken wings are one of the culinary standbys of this sporting holiday — and command higher prices during Super Bowl season.

Drought conditions in the Midwest drove up the cost of chicken feed, writes CNN Money, and that means chicken wings will costs sports fans more than usual this year as well.

As the Atlanta chicken heist illustrates, desperate buffalo wing lovers may just find themselves turning to the black-market to get their fix.