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Keeping Up with the KGB Jennings: A New TV Spy Thriller, 'The Americans'


The Jennings family at the kitchen table. (Photo: provided by FX)

Recently, news from Russia has been, if not down right cold, then certainly chilly.

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Most recently, Russia announced it's scrapping an agreement with the US to cooperate on cross-border crimes like terrorism and human trafficking.

That's just the latest sign of a growing chill in relations between Moscow and Washington.

Now things may be taking a dramatic turn. Wednesday a new TV series, The Americans, premiers on FX. The show harkens back to the Cold War days.

It's 1981, Reagan is newly president.

And in the middle of the drama, right next door in an all-American household with a white picket fence and all lives the seemingly innocuous family, the Jennings.

Except the Elizabeth and Philip Jennings are Russian spies.

Anchor, Marco Werman talks with writer and co-creator of the series, Joe Weisberg.

Weisberg is a former CIA agent and everything he writes he says must be vetted first by the CIA.

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    Actress Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings, Russian Spy (Photo: provided by FX)