Indonesia landslides kill as many as 19


People wade through a flooded main street in Jakarta on Jan. 17.


Adek Berry

As many as 19 people were killed in Indonesia during two separate landslides brought on by heavy rains.

Agam, West Sumatra, and the neighboring Jambi province were hit last week, while rock and mud poured down hillsides and near a geothermal drilling facility, reported CNN. Rescue crews had to dig alongside he facility's heavy machinery as authorities said they were still searching for survivors.

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Five people remain missing.

According to CBC News, disaster official Ade Edward said 20 houses were buried by mud and rocks that fell from hills on Sunday in Agam's Tanjung Sani village.

Hundreds of people were forced to flee their mountainside homes, noted BBC News. It is common to live in mountainous areas in the chain of 17,000 islands, or near fertile flood plains.

The heavy rains in Jakarta in January have caused at least 32 deaths and forces almost 46,000 people to flee their flooded homes.