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Ground beef recall linked to salmonella outbreak across 5 states


Six children are hospitalized in France with food poisoning related to E. coli, after consuming frozen ground beef, believed to have been processed at the French company SEB (Societe Economique Bragarde). The company claims part of the meat processed was slaughtered in Germany.


Francois Nascimbeni

Step away from the Kibbeh. At least 16 people across five states have been sickened by salmonella poisoning linked to ground beef, the Associated Press reported. Some of the sick people may have eaten a raw ground beef dish called Kibbeh at a suburban Detroit restaurant.

Most of the illnesses are in Michigan, but a few are in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, the AP says.

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Half of the people were hospitalized, CBS reported. No one has died yet.

The outbreak comes several days after the USDA announced that Gab Halal Foods, a store in Michigan, is recalling approximately 550 pounds of ground beef potentially contaminated with a strain of Salmonella. Jouni Meats, another Michigan store, also recalled 500 pounds of ground beef products recently.