Syrian refugee crisis has reached 'critical' levels in Jordan


A young Syrian refugee camp stands in a camp near the Syrian border.


Adem Altan

Syrians spilling over into Jordan have created chaos in the country, causing the United Nations to appeal for an urgent increase in aid to assist the refugees. 

Around 20,000 refugees crossed into Jordan this past week alone, with 3,000 arriving every day and another 50,000 waiting to cross the border, BBC News and Al Jazeera English reported

"It's extremely critical," Andrew Harper, the UN's humanitarian co-coordinator in Jordan, told the BBC. "We know that we've done as well as we can given the resources we've got… we've got no resources any more. We need money now desperately to expand this camp as well as open two others."

The increasing refugee population has cost Jorgan around $600 million in 2012, according to Al Jazeera, and is expected to balloon to $800 million in 2013 if the crisis in Syria continues. 

"We are getting aid from Arab countries, from Western countries, from international organizations. It is still not enough, given the numbers that are coming in," said Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, who called the influx of Syrians "staggering," according to CNN

The ongoing violence in Syria has sent many of its citizens scrambling to neighboring countries, who are feeling the weight of displacement more heavily than ever. Activists have called it "a mass migration," according to Albawaba News

The number of refugees in Jordan has increased 60 percent since December, and many are trying to make their way into the countries cities, according to CNN. 

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