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Goat found not guilty for eating flower in Australia (VIDEO)


A goat has been found not guilt in a Sydney court of eating flowers belonging to a museum.


AP Video

A goat in Australia has been found not guilty for eating flowers outside the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art.

The goat was not required to make a comment nor was he allowed in the courtroom, said the Australian.

His owner James Dezarnaulds, was fined $440 ($460 USD) by police.

The comedian, who also goes by the name Jimbo Bazoobi challenged the fine and today was vindicated.

Bazoobi apparently traded a case of beer for the goat last year, reported Sky News.

The judge ruled that although the goat did eat the plants, the owner did not take him to the garden intending to commit the act of vandalism.

Outside the courtroom the goat could be seen chewing on a garbage bag.