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"Muslim patrol" vigilantes harass gay man in London (VIDEO)

A mosque in Leyton near to the Olympic Park on March 22, 2012 in London, England.
Credit: Peter Macdiarmid

A gang-like group of men claiming to be "Muslim patrols" have been harassing people in east London, the East London Mosque has warned on its website. After the mosque closes at night, the vigilantes threaten passerby and then post the footage to YouTube. The East London Mosque says it has reported the vigilantes to the police and warns that such behavior is "utterly unacceptable."

In one video posted online, a group of men follow a stranger whom they believe is gay. The pursuers describe themselves as "vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks," the Guardian reported, and say that he is "walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag." Two men have been arrested in connection to that harassment incident. 

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That same group has also posted a video called The Truth About Saturday Night, RT reported. In that video, they harass people for partying. They call white women “naked animals with no self-respect." That same group has also been seen in the Whitechapel area confiscating booze from people in the street. 

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