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Biting cold temperatures across the US expected to continue


The US and Canada are experiencing record cold temperatures this week.


Michael Regan

The United States and Canada have been bracing against some bitingly cold temperatures, with many breaking records as the chilliest in two years. 

Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground is calling it "a classic January North American cold wave," citing the coldest temperature recorded in North America on Tuesday as -49 degrees Fahrenheit (-44.8 degrees Celsius) at Lansdowne House, Ontario. 

Southern cities like Nashville are barely above freezing, and Chicago and the Great Lakes are hovering around Fahrenheit temperatures in the teens and getting plenty of snow, the Weather Channel reported

This is the first time Chicago has seen sub-zero temperatures in 711 days, CNN reported. (They've also got video of an egg freezing in just half an hour when left outside in Hibbing, Minnesota, which is pretty cool...literally.) 

Rugby, North Dakota, saw a wind chill of 51 degrees below zero Monday, with no sign of warmer temperatures Tuesday, according to CNN. 

"We're finally back to the dead of winter, and it looks like it's going to last for a while," Jon Hitchcock, a meteorologist wit the National Weather Service, told the Buffalo News. "This probably will be the coldest we've seen in a couple of years."

Of course, the US can blame Canada for the chill — a jet stream straight from northern Canada is the culprit, the Weather Channel reports. 

Europe isn't escaping the cold either, with snow and ice disrupting travel across the continent, BBC News reported

All we can say is...hide while you can. 

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