Queen Elizabeth II painting on display after 60-year ban


A banned painting of Queen Elizabeth II is back on display after decades.


John Stillwell

A painting of Queen Elizabeth II that was banned 60 years ago is now on display.

A 1952 painting of the Queen's coronation by John Napper was declared too unsightly for public view.

The reason?

The Queen's exaggerated, elongated neck.

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Officials decided to bring the painting out of storage for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation.

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Once banned in the Liverpool city hall, it will hang there once again.

"We are very proud that Liverpool now has the original first painting hanging in St George's Hall, which has been rehung to celebrate the anniversary of the Queen's Coronation," said Liverpool's deputy Lord Mayor Gary Millar, told the Telegraph.

“It will be the first thing people will see if they come to get married or have a civil partnership or attend a citizenship ceremony."

Time reported that the Queen has sat for 129 portraits over her life.