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Lloyd Blankfein's massive bonus puts him back on top


Goldman Sachs' Lloyd Blankfein's bonus reached $13 million in 2012.


Eric Piermont

Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, just got a little richer.

Reports say that his annual bonus jumped to $13.3 million in a mix of stocks and cash - double the year before.

The big pay jump comes just days after Goldman Sachs reported an increase in quarterly profit.

The bonus puts his pay above $21 million for the year.

Blankfein's bonus also likely reinstates him as the top paid executive on Wall Street, surpassing JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon for the first time in five years, reported Businessweek.

Dimon received a big pay cut this year due to a huge trading loss out of its London office.

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The gift does not come close to Blankfein's record $67.9 million bonus received in 2007, just a year before the financial meltdown.

The bonus set a Wall Street record and was later used as evidence of excessive executive pay on Wall Street, said the New York Times.

The current payout includes 94,320 restricted shares worth $13.3 million at the $141.01 closing price on Jan. 17, reported Bloomberg.

About a dozen other Goldman executives received substantial bonus'.

Blankfein also receives a $2 million salary.

The average Goldman employee earned $399,506 in 2012, up from $365,000 in 2011, said the Times.