Pauline Friedman Phillips, 'Dear Abby' advice columnist, dies at age 94


Pauline Friedman Phillips, who wrote the advice column "Dear Abby" under the pseudonym Abigail Van Buren, died on January 17, 2013, at the age of 94.



"Dear Abby" advice columnist Pauline Friedman Phillips died on Wednesday in Minneapolis at the age of 94.

Phillips, who wrote under the pseudonym Abigail Van Buren, had been struggled with Alzheimer's disease, according to a statement from publicist Gene Willis at Universal Uclick syndicate, the Associated Press reported.

Her popular column ran for more than 40 years, giving advice on everything from divorce and spouses to writing wills, the Los Angeles Times explained.

Born Pauline Esther Friedman, the "Dear Abby" columnist had an identical twin sister, Esther Pauline, who went on to become another famous advice columnist, writing under the pseudonym Ann Landers, the Los Angeles Times wrote.

While Landers' column gave more "detailed advice," Abby's distinctive style came through in her one-liners, said the AP.

Landers passed away in June 2002.

Phillips, who was initially reluctant to give advice favoring divorce, later went on to change her more traditional views on issues.

When asked about Viagra, "Dear Abby" said, "It's wonderful. Men who can't perform feel less than manly, and Viagra takes them right off the spot."

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