7-year-old brings gun to NY school

Police at an elementary school Queens, NY found a handgun in a 7-year-old's backpack on Thursday.

Wave Preparatory Elementary School in Far Rockaway went on lockdown after police discovered the .22-caliber handgun, reports the New York Times. 

Students described their fear after being told to remain in their classrooms. 

“I thought we were going to get killed,” Javier Ferrufino, an 11-year-old in fifth grade told the NY Times. “We went to the back of the classroom. I hid with my friend behind some computers.”

A note was handed to parents read: “Due to an incident today there was need to secure all students in their classrooms. This procedure is called a lockdown. Our school-based support team is prepared to assist you with any emotional needs as a result of today’s lockdown.”

Police declined to say why the student was carrying the gun, but NY1 reports that the real .22 caliber gun and a toy gun were retrieved from the backpack of the boy. 

The real weapon was not loaded but sources told NY1 that there were bullets inside the backpack. 

CBS reports the student's mother ran to the school Thursday morning claiming her son had a dentist appointment, but according to CBS, police believe instead she wanted to search his backpack because she feared he brought a gun to school.

Police are questioning the boys mother and other family members about how the boy got a hold of the gun.