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Cyprus man brings bomb into police station unwittingly


A man found a bomb outside his house in the Cypriot capital Nicosia and brought it to a police station causing an evacuation of the building.


Florian Choblet

A man in Cyprus unwittingly brought a live bomb into a police station Wednesday.

Police say the man found the bomb in his driveway and brought it to the station for officers to examine it.

The 33-year-old discovered it while he was pulling his car onto the street, reported Reuters, in the capital Nicosia.

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It was mere moments before police realized the man was carrying a bomb.

An evacuation of the building was underway and the bomb squad called in, said Digital Spy.

"He obviously didn't know what it was," a police source told Reuters.

The makeshift bomb was quickly defused.

Early reports did not specify why someone had planted a bomb in the man's driveway.