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Dog tortured by drug traffickers in Mexico gets prosthetic limbs (VIDEO)


A dog that was tortured and mutilated by Mexican drug traffickers gets a new lease on life with prosthetic legs.


Telegraph Video

A dog that was tortured by drug traffickers in Mexico can jump and play again after receiving prosthetic limbs.

"Lemon Pie," or Pay de Limon, was mutilated and left for dead by Mexican drug traffickers who were practicing techniques for torture and amputations on dogs.

Lemon Pie was found in a garbage bin in Mexico City, paws severed off, before being taken to an animal sanctuary, said the Associated Press.

The Belgian shepherd was fitted with prosthetic legs recently and was nursed back to health by workers at the sanctuary, and is now able to run, play and jump like normal, reported the Telegraph.

Dogs are often used by drug dealers to practice torture techniques.

Sanctuary owner Patricia Ruiz told Reuters: "Pay de Limon had the misfortune of running into an organized crime group and they used him to practice cutting off each one of his paws, like they do when they cut fingers off human beings that have been kidnapped."