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Australia dust storm smashes into small town near coast


A massive dust storm collided with the Australian coast Wednesday, covering everything in its path in red sand.


Levi Cooper/Perth Weather Live

A huge dust storm collided with the coast of Australia Wednesday, leaving a massive trail of orange sand in its wake.

The rolling storm, known as a haboob, was captured in amazing photographs (see slideshow) showing the cloud of whirling sand swallowing everything in its path.

Air flowing from nearby thunderstorms caused a massive temperature drop in the area and winds to pick up to speeds of 63 mph, said the New Zealand Herald.

The dust storm stems from the surge of high winds over the ocean that stirred up the dust, carrying it huge distances.

It came onshore in Onslow, a small town in northwestern Australia about 700 miles north of Perth.

"Onslow is not a wet place, but monsoon moisture comes down into northern Australia this time of year," said AccuWeather Expert Senior Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

"Heat over the land and steamy air gathering along the coast allow thunderstorms to ignite," he added.

The storm was not related to Tropical Cyclone Narelle, said the West Australian.