Monopoly asks voters to save their favorite piece


The iconic board game Monopoly by toymaker Hasbro is displayed at a toy store on April 14, 2011 in New York City. As demand for games and puzzles has continued to weaken Hasbro`s first-quarter profit plunged almost 71 percent.


Spencer Platt

The latest version of the board game Monopoly will soon be without one of its famous tokens. 

The game's makers are asking online voters to decide which new token is going to replace one of the old stalwarts: the shoe, top hat, wheelbarrow, clothes iron, battleship, race car, thimble and Scottie dog.

“In an unlucky roll of the dice, every Monopoly token has landed in jail,” the game’s Facebook page says.

“One will be locked up forever and replaced with a new piece. Luckily, you’ll have the chance to vote to save your favorite token every day. Don’t skip your turn!”

The iconic token that gets the least amount of votes will have to 'Go Directly to Jail' and be banished from the board forever. 

It will be replaced by one of the shiny new tokens proposed by Hasbro: a toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar or diamond ring.

Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing for Hasbro Gaming said the 80-year-old game needed a splash of modernity. 

"The tokens that are in the game today represent household items from the 1930s when the game was first introduced," Berkowitz told the NY Daily News.

"We wanted to introduce a new token to the game that's more representative of today's Monopoly players."

According to CNN, Monopoly was first introduced by Parker Brothers during the height of the Great Depression in 1935.

Hasbro, which bought the company, says that more than 1 billion people have played various versions of the game.

The new token will make its debut in mid to late 2013.

"Fans who would still like to play with the classic eight tokens have a limited time to pick up the existing version of the game," said Hasbro.