Moscow plane crash: Terrifying amateur footage surfaces of the crash (VIDEO)


A new amateur video of the plane crash in Moscow Saturday has surfaced showing how narrowly the airplane missed highway drivers.



A terrifying amateur video taken from a car of the plane crash in Moscow Saturday has surfaced.

The video looks to be taken from the dashboard of a car moving down the highway next to the airport where the crash took place.

After a few seconds of driving, the Tupolev Tu-204 crashes into the highway sending debris flying into oncoming cars.

Cars swerve to avoid the flying metal - even the car shooting the video has to dodge the projectiles.

The Tu-204 belonged to the Russian carrier Red Wings and was bringing eight crew members from the Czech Republic to Moscow's Vnukovo airport, reported CBC News.

GlobalPost reported that the aircraft overshot the runway while attempting to land.

The survivors are said to be in critical condition, at least five people have already died, with four pronounced dead soon after the crash.  

According to CBS News, those who died Saturday were the pilot, co-pilot, flight engineer and a flight attendant. Another flight attendant died on Sunday.   

Investigators are still examining the cause of the crash using flight recorders and other evidence.

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