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Al Qaeda offers bounty for killing US ambassador in Sanaa


A computer screen shot taken on July 12, 2010, shows the cover of the newly-released first edition of the Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's "Inspire" magazine, an on-line publication with articles including "Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom."



The Yemen branch of Al Qaeda has announced that it will pay three kilograms of gold to anyone who kills the US ambassador in Sanaa.

According to the Associated Press, the message came through via an audio produced by the group's media arm, the al-Malahem Foundation, and was posted on various militant websites on Saturday. Three kilograms of gold is worth about $160,000.

The group also said that it would pay $23,000 for anyone who kills an American soldier inside Yemen.

Washington considers the Al Qaeda faction in Yemen to be the group's most dangerous. Earlier today, a US drone strike killed three suspected militants in Yemen's south. According to Yemeni authorities, one of those killed was a senior operative, BBC reported.  

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