Chavez visited by Venezuela vice-president in Cuba


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, right, hugs his daughter Rosa Ines as he speaks with Nicolas Maduro, his No. 2 who he said should be first to succeed him.


Juan Barreto

Venezuela's vice-president arrived in Cuba early Saturday to visit President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering from a recent cancer surgery.

Vice-President Nicolas Maduro arrived with Attorney General Cilia Flores at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, according to CNN. Maduro previously told state-run Venezuelan Television that Chavez's recovery "is progressing with each day that passes."

Maduro did not specify how long he would be away, reported the Associated Press, but said Energy Minister Hector Navarro would be in charge of government affairs during his absence.

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Maduro's trip comes amid growing uncertainty about Chavez's health.

Before travelling to Cuba for his fourth surgery, Chavez appointed Maduro, who is also foreign minister, as his political successor in case he could not complete his new presidential term starting in January, according to Xinhua.

Chavez first announced he was battling cancer in June 2011, noted CNN. The type of cancer he has was never disclosed, and the Venezuelan government has released few details about his illness.