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China: Go visit your elderly parents


An elderly man in Xian of Shaanxi province, China.


China Photos

For those of you feeling guilty for not visiting your elderly grandparents and parents this holiday season, be glad you're not in China.

On Friday, the Chinese government passed a law that requires adult children to visit their aging parents more often.

The Associated Press reported that state media said if an elderly parent feel neglected, they're allowed to take their children to court.

China, the AP says, is facing much difficulty in caring for its aging population. Rapid development has accelerated the break-up of the extended family, and there are barely any alternatives for the elderly.

According to BBC News, Chinese state media had reported a story of an elderly woman forced to live in a pigsty for two years by her children. The story isn't uncommon-- newspapers often carry tales of children abusing their elderly parents.