Pakistan militants kidnap over 20 policemen


A deadly car bombing in a Pakistani tribal region kills 26.


Express News/ABP

Pakistan officials say that dozens of militants armed with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons attacked two police posts in northwest Pakistan, the Associated Press reported. They killed two policemen, and at least 22 other police remain missing. Officials assume that the missing police have been abducted. The attacks occurred in the town of Darra Adam Khei, located near the main sanctuary for Taliban militants, the AP said. 

"The exchange of gunfire lasted about one hour in which they killed two soldiers, wounded one and took away 22 others," local administration official Naveed Akbar told AFP.

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Government officials say that they have launched an operation to try to recover the missing men, BBC News reported. This has been the third attack near Peshawar this month. Just two weeks ago suicide bombers raided the city's airport, killing four people.

Two Taliban spokesmen recently laid out conditions for a cease fire with the Pakistani government, Reuters reported, but the strict conditions would require the government to adopt Islamic law in the country, renounce its alliance with the United States and stop all involvement in Afghanistan.