Conflict & Justice

2,012 words of 2012



Illustration by GlobalPost/Photo by Narinder Nanu


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, 0.47, 0.99, 12 7-Eleven, ACTA, Adele, Affair, Affordable Care Act, Ai Weiwei, AIDS, Akin, al-Nusra, al-Qaeda, Alawite, Aleppo, Ali Abdullah Saleh, AMA, America the Gutted, Ampatuan, Android,


, Apocalypse, Artisan Gold, Assad, Aurora, Austerity, Azawad, Backstreet Boys, Bagelheads, Bailout, Ballet, Barbie, Bath Salts, Batman, Bayonets, Beheshti, Benghazi, Berlusconi, Big Bird, Binders, Bionic eye, Blackberry, Blackouts, Bo Xilai, Boko Haram, Bollywood, Bopha, Bottomless, Brazzaville, Breivik, Bureaucrats, Calderon, Cancer, Cannibal humans, Cannibal lobsters, Capitalism, Cease-fire, Censorship, Charles Taylor, Chen Guangcheng, Chen Kegui, Chicago Teacher Strike, Chick-fil-A, China-bashing, Cholera, Climate, Clint, Cloning, Congo, Corruption, Costa Concordia, Coup, Crowds, Curiosity, Damascus, Debt, Diamond Jubilee, DITTO, DNC, Donna Summer, Doping, Dotcom, Drones, Drug tunnel, Drug War, Drylands, DSK, Eastwooding, Ecuador, Embargo, Encyclopedia, End of World, Endeavour, Energy grab, Estonia, Etta, EU Nobel, Expats, Factory Fires, FARC, Federal Reserve, Female astronaut, Fifty Shades, Fiscal Cliff, Fisticuffs, FiveThirtyEight, Foxconn, Free fall, Frenemies, Frontlines, FSA, Gaga, Gangnam, Gay marriage,


, GlobalPost, Gold mine, Greece, Green gold, Hamas, Helium, Higgs Boson, Hipster, Hobbit, Hollande, Homs, Honey bees, Housing recovery, IDF, iGotYa, Ikea monkey, IMF, Independent Oil, Inglorious, Innocence, Instagram, iOs 6, iPad Mini, iphone 5, IPO, Iron Dome, IVF, Jailed abroad, James Holmes, JCPenney, Jill Kelley, John Allen, Julian Assange, Kennedy, Kony, Kremrole, Lagarde, Legalize it, LIBOR, Loco, Lonesome George, M23,


, Malarkey, Mali coup, Marijuana monopoly, Marine Le Pen,

Mars rover

, Massacre mystery, Mausoleum, Mayan, Megaupload, Meme, Merkel, Middle class, Mist, Mo Yan, Monarchy, Morsi, Mountains, Movember, Mubarak, Murder, Murdock, Narco-ballad, Nate Silver, Neil Armstrong, Netanyahu, Newsweek, Nile, NIMBY, Nora Ephron, Obama, Obamacare, Obesity, Occupy, Oil, Oil blast, Olympics, OMG, One child, Oreo, Owls, Pacquiao, Palestine, Panda, Parasites, Party Congress, Peace talks, Penn State, Pepper spray, Petraeus, Phelps, Photobomb, Pink Slime, PIPA, Pirates, Planking, Playstation, Presidential immunity, Prince Harry, Princelings, Prison fire, Prisons, Prostitutes, Protests, Puppy,




, Radiation, Rage, Ray Bradbury, Re-election, Recontras, Red Line, Reddit, Revolution, Rewind, Richard Mourdock, RNC, Rob Ford, Rohingyas, Romnesia, Royal baby, Rtanj, Sally Ride, Sandra Fluke, Sandusky, Sandy, Schoolgirls, Scream, Scuds,


, Senkakus, Settlements, Shenouda, Shiite, Sikh Temple Shooting, Skittles, Skydiving, Skytree,

Small Arms

, Soccer riot, Socialism, SOPA blackout, South China Sea, Sovereign default, Sovietize, Sphinx, Spin, Steve Jobs, Stimulus, Stolen children, Succession, Sunni, Sushi, Suu Kyi, Tamil, Tan mom, TED, Termites, Text message 20, Toilet park, Topless, Toulouse, Transition, Trayvon, Twinkie, Twitter, Un, Unemployment, Unicorns, Venus, Vote, War crimes, Water, Whitney, Wildfires, Withdrawal, YoSoy132, Zetas, Zombies, Miley, Melt, Arctic, Refugee, Homeless, Space,


Gun control

, Messi, Cheese, Consulate, Genocide, Hacker, Diplomacy, Putin, Religion, Faith, Healing, Jobs, Income, Jackson, Basketball, BBC, Jimmy Savile, Embassy, Human Rights, Journalism, Freedom, Storms, Poll, Constitution, Meteor Shower, Knife, Whale, US 2012 election, Obamadon, Spice Girls, Sustainable, London, Chavez, Castro, Pope, Typhoon, Arafat, Exhume, White House, Underwear Bomber, Christmas, Green-on-Blue shootings, Taliban, Ansar al-Sharia, Torture, Labor Union,


, Security Council, United Nations, Armageddon, Carmageddon, Global Warming, Social Media, Tyson, George Zimmerman, Stand Your Grand, Utoya, Newtown, Arsenal, Romney, Tea Party, Princess, Facebook, Reform, Linsanity, Drug War, Glacier, Moon, Meme, Google, Internet, Acid Attack, Guantanamo, Bankers, HSBC, Hurdles, Apple, Arab Spring, Theater, BRIC, China economy, Rocket, Dear Leader, Landmine, Pullout, Terrorist, Democracy, Birthday, lovefest, Holi, Elblag, Brawl, Relief, Sport, Memory, Disaster, Independence, Upheaval, Black Friday, Sale, Maid, Biofuel, Naked, Global Market, Estate, Faulkner, Face Transplant, Poop, Fake, Heart, Miner, Shopping, Buying, Bond, Democrat, Republican, Easing, Fisherman, Sharia Law, Fuel, Radical,


, Civilian, Parade, Goma, Death Toll, Neglect, Airstrike, Force, Opposition, Rhetoric, Climate Change, Al-Shabab, Diwali, Veteran, Nor'easter, Costume, Campaign, Pray, Autumn, Border, Dispute, Island, Burnt, Demonstrator,


, Wall Street, Safety, Championship, Tradition, Isaac, Tango, BBQ, Paralympics, Explosion, Celebrate, Nationalism, Fear, Exodus, Rumor, Reconstruction, Family, WikiLeaks, Asylum, Medal, American, Color, Battle, Gymnastic, Dictator, Ramadan, Bomb, Torch, Flood, Bull Running, Displaced, Tahrir Square, Reveler, Solstice, Heat Wave, Fashion, Women,


, Cold, Santa, Authority, Communism, School, Book, Small Business, Promise, Car, Comfort Dog, Bicycle, Millionaires, Infrastructure, Company, Referendum, Nuclear Power, Fukushima, Conservative, Tsunami, Case, Court, Porcupine, Parchanda, Tragedy, Mushrooms, Government, Lawsuit, Chemonics, Capo, Cartel, Sikh, Victim, Funeral, Nurse, Virginity, Military, DNA, Ally, Iran, Land, Math, Universe, Jobless, Group, Friend, Roadhouse, Giant, Minority, Senator, Song, Inspire, Dance, Shankar, Clark, Brubeck, Drum, Kidnapped, Justice, Hero, Formula One, Mogadishu, Crude, Money-laundering, Prime Minister, Infedility, Majority, New Inquisition, Nun, Immigration, Theologian, Lifeline, Asia-Pacific, Command, Emotion, Legality, Automaton, Yemen, Backlash, Blockade, Trapped, Victory, Televisia, Diplomat, Black-Box,




, Bond, Marketplace, Lomnin, Dismantled, Fair Trade, Rights Crackdown, Caterpillar, Electronics, Chiquita, Damming, Worker, Sandinista, Walker, Marxist, Co-op, Manufacturing, Buyout, Slave, Undercut, Voice, Veil, Ismail, El-Saadawi, Prodigy, Samira, Feminist, Poet, Performance, Kirollos, Eviction, Contractor, Local, Subsidy, Food Aid, Condom, Farmer, Debate, Parliment, Post-Quake, Despair, Art, Success, Diaspora, Blame, NGO, Worm, Hunting, Abbatoirs, Jesus, Allah, Malala Yousafzai, Islamic, Innocent Prophet, Chemical Weapons, Comments, Survival, Holiday, Desperate, Jihad, Airport, Wounded, Adoption, Playground, Division, Garlic, BIG, Applicants, Decree, Nobel, Governor, Wau, Priest, Astronomer, Budget Deal, Radio Station, Same-sex, Heisman, Spike, Hanukkah, Brawl, Kyoto Protocol, Militia, Gang,



, Geminid, Gypsy, Popemobile, Russian Reset, Powerball, Satire, Prisoner, Mountain, Threat, Expensive, Paywall, Spanking, Two-state solution, Vitro, Ring, Prank Call, Filibuster, Billionaire, Toke, Mormon, Sphinx, Lion, Embezzlement, Porn, McAfee, Snapseed, Jumper, Crazy, Impersonation, Spy, Crash, Gas, Peanuts, Hermit, Deployed, Axe, King, Nanny, Hangover, Ad, Bull Rider, Tension, Subway Pusher, Tall, Conquistadors, Weather, Diarrhea, Old, Blackberry, Grenade, Sushi, Sperm Donor, Politburo,


, Happiness, MI6, FBI, CIA, Treaty, Date-rape, Simpsons, Dolphin Bite, Civilization, Tidal Wave, Censor, Bugs, Morning-after, Salmonella, Autism, Tax, Petroleum, Nakoula, Utopia, Cop18, Sarkozy, Stock Market, Virus, Mammograms, Ration, Most Wanted, Maul, Dissident, Blogger, Power Grab, Surveillance, Naked, Suicide, Stoicism, Death Penalty, Confinement, Journalists, Consumer, Madonna, Church, Counterfeit, Bullet, Peacemaker, Elephant, Bribery, Anti-corruption, Concession, Miss Earth, Elmo, Fraud, Casualty, Wedding, Emmy, Pregancy, Model Grandfather, Offensive, Engagement, Guerrilla, Credit Rating, Missile System, Negotiate, ice-cream killer, Spoof, Mutilation, Poverty, Regime, Patagonia, Youth, Hunter, Hotspot, Guitarmy, Bible, Vacation, Fetus, Coalition, Equality, Roma Racism, Samba, Yerba, Anatomy, Xenophobia, Disease, Royalty, Import, Export, Guilt, KFC, Sweep, Non-Profit, Deadly, Lockdown, Bananas, Hooligans, Pollution, Rescue, Far-right, Secular, Medicine, Insanity, Coup, Legacy, Microblogging, Embarrassment, Hoodie, Wildlife, Thud,



, Evidence, Fascist, Race, Sentenced, Ballad, Wage, Team, Southernland, Pinterest, Tourist, Scheme, Primary, Newborn, Nostalgia, Ideology, Kachin, Gap, Birth Control, CDC, Kandahar, Yangon, Emergency, Summit, Exchange, Miscarriage, World Bank, Pay-for-media-play, Tuareg, Auschwitz, Feast, Escalation, Boss, Anger, Plea, Benedict, Media, Menace, Foreign Policy, Wealth, Ex-soldier, Anniversary, Oligarchs, Boycott, Habitual, Designer, Crossroads, Honor Killing, Pi, Flop, Firewall, Isolation, Mother, Beef, Activists, Toxic, Tuesday, Nightmare, Baidoa, Oxycontin, Ayatollah, Sex, Smoke-free, Poacher, Gaddafi, Bibi, Amazon, Defector's Story, Motley, Operation,


, Kruger, Will, Geisha, Revival, Butcher, Saleh, Shitstorm, Euro Zone, EU, Gauck, Candidate, Unrest, Combatant, Memoir, Exxon, Double-dip, Turmoil, Trouble, Music, Missing, Smear, Starvation, Captured, Hometown, Ante, Theif, Failure, Suburb, Merkozy, 3D, Slowdown, Shrug, Solar, Anti-gay, Worry, Solar, Protect, Blood, Wade, Press, Musher, Route, Statue, Reject, Unfazed, Resignation, React, Abuse, Cycle, Ahmadinejad, Literature, Meeting, Decide, Ballot, Heritage, Voice, Godfather, Mogul, Language, Entry, Revenge, Feud, Bottomless, Phone, Freelance, Plummet, Fat, Monster, Chocolate, Omnious, Statistic, Stall, Nuisance, Brink, Sisyphus, Battlefield, Rectitude, Heaven, Hell,


, Caucus, Speech, Tubing, Accountable, LGBT, Measure, Break, Scandal, Elfstedentocht, Limbo, Model, Boost, Monti, Agreement, Lavrov, Adelson, Zombie, Joke, Patrol, Bite,


, Together, Falkland Islands, Poison, Contest, Spat, Escrow, Slam, Currency, Game-changer, Whisky, Punk, Orphan, Lesson, Who?, Anarchy, Morality, Smuggle, Warlord, Chevron, Unity, Boc, Edge, Silicon, Tribal, War-weary, Pension, Borgen, Helicopter, Ties, Label, Assassination, Migrant, Malaria, Shivas, Reduce, Demand, Boom, Write-down, Unilateral, Horrific, Spokesman, Cookbook, Bloodshed, Wukan, Polonium, Contribute, Profit, Brotherhood, Neo-Nazi, Solomonic, Kremlin, Disabled, Amputee, Hunger, File-sharing, Merger, Amnesty, Remarkable, Likud, Carbon Cowboys, REDD, 20-something, Watchdog, Crash, ILO, Hallucinogen,




, Artist, Clothes, Armed, Makeover, Cloud, Curtain Call, Campaign-finance, Stand-off, One-third, Debt-burden, Antwerp, Echo, Alliance, Radical, Momentum, Buddhist, Insurgent, Monk, Bomb-making, Speculation, Talks, Prevent, Citizenship, Gaffe, Mistake, Misstep, Fact, Politick, Mental Health, Insane, Mass-killer, Slain, Hezb-e-Islami, Decode, Bernanke, Signal, Gloom, Break-up, Slum, Brink, Travel, Meat, Tuna, Mainstream, Blackmail, Foiled, Awakening, Inhale, Charity, Football, Resilient, Urgent, Cook, Masterpiece, Imbalance, Exhaustion, Babu, Witch, Symptomatic, Strategy, Embrace, Named, Horror, Warning, Diverted, Wall, RAB, Ruin, Organize, Sunshine, SEAL, Ditching, Electoral, Retreat, Trek, Rial, Satellites, Fault, Sectarian, Doctrinaire, Dogmatic, Extreme, Fanatical, Bigoted, Partisan, Data, Drought, Tabloid, Malnourished,


, Determinism, Messi, Celebrity, Fame, Longevity, Sun, Labrang, Recover, Katakat, Drug-sniffer, Halal, Abortion, Inequality, Census, Spotlight, Great Wall, Australia, Cairo, Big Brother, Arrest, Earthquake, Rival, Menace, Lumia, Chaos, Doctors Without Borders, Soffin, Arsonist, Stalwart, Goodluck, Davos, Spotify, Watershed, Hard-up, Uncle Sam, Twilight, Fireworks, Rafalca, Dressage, Queen, Show, Trial, Impasse, Swap, Egyptian-American, Ogren, Debunk, Tribunal, Stalin, Cult, Baltasar, Observation, International, Siri, Armenian Genocide, Eviction, Kadyrov, Survey, Bootleg, Slump, Gingrich, Miracle, Privacy, Baconschi, Anti-Semitism, Resistance, Raucous, Red-hot, Hobby, Plague, Rich, Ship Wreck, Tobin, Development, Euro-sceptic, Rediscovery, Conundrum, Creditors, Duck, Downgrade, Payment, Recession, Depression, Economics, Keystone Pipeline, Rally, OO7, Cover-up, Syed Gilani, S&P, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Westboro Baptist Church, Viktor Orban, Mein Kampf,


Kim Jong Un

, Liberaltarian, Christian Wulff, Unfinished, Investment, Intervention, Mediation, Charter School, Manifesto, Franco, Luxury, Kigali, Jean-Bosco Uwinkindi, Sterilization, Denktas, Kutcher, Forgotten, Anti-Islam, Techno, Monarch, Tel Aviv, Orbanization, Pact, Slowdown, Riad, Jimmy Carter, Jailbreak, Dysfunction, Scourge, Separatists, Accountability, Transparency, Uranium Enrichment, IAEA, Centrifuges, Himalaya, Replacement, Sex-school, Suarezs, FARC, Tit-for-tat, Decadence, New Hampshire, Paul Kagame, Ericsson, Narco-trafficking, Little Genius, Whaling, King Mswati, Revisionist, Kopimism, Rousseff, Prospecting, Amir Mirzaei Hekmati, ANC Birthday, Mugabe Obstacle, Capitulation, Lori Berenson, Abbas, Execution, Cheater, Smartphone, Vaccine, Epidemic, Street Psychiatry, Congolese Forest, Drug-enforcement, TB, Great Divide, Manufacturing, 9.11, Rainbow Struggle, Reporting, Iron Worker, Bridge-building, Outsourcing infrastructure, Third World, Garment Worker, Homicide, View, Suffering, Sudanese Oil, Animal Tracking, Agricultural Boom, Rap-Asia, Famine, Doctor Aleppo, Empowerment, Glacial Retreat, Gender, Casualty, Dangerous Transport, Swing Vote,

Free Syrian Army

, Lobby, Underground, Tunnel, Annul, Breakout, Impossible, Unintentional, Winemaker, Addict, Unite, Psychological Illness, Creativity, Prickly-pear, Caution, Tolerance, Intolerance, Old Cheese, Public Nudity, Anti-Putin, Adaptation, Breast, Spanking, Danascus Bombing, Beer, Sexual Harassment, UN Envoy, Cardinal Criticism, Thalidomide, Recede, Militant, Koch Brothers, Super Pac, Donor, Hookah, Beheaded, Meat-like, Ferrets, Haqqani, DEET, Invisible Obama, Whooping Cough, Matt Bissonnette, Abramovich, Maternity, Sled-dog slaughter, Sin, Calorie, Harvard, CIA Interrogations, Blackwater, Fat, Obesity, Yeardley, Black Hole, Convention, ID Law,


, Kohn, Indigenous People, Pemex, Planets, Bionic Eye, 100-year-old, Hijack, Coma, Reddit, Levee, Chocolate, Desalegn, Paint, West Nile, Nervous Fish, Blackout, Tembin, World War Two, Yulia Tymoshenko, Osama Bin Laden, Anthrax, Shark Attack, Cholera, Nomination, Ban, Vaginas, Life Support, Strip, Redistricting, Arlen Specter, Amber Mites, Blacklist, Regulation, Interim Government, Yuan, Dam Collapse, Dump, Gum, Trade War, Empire State Shooting, Beard-cutting, Hantavirus, Pilots, Heroine, Hate Crime, Gunman, Burning Monk, Bolaven, Rachel Corrie,

Quran Burning

, Livable, Truelove, Legitimate Rape, IQ, Drown, Sleep, Perry Hall, Navistar, Bear, Circumcision, Lion Hunt, Emissions, Army Suicide, Psycho, Baby, Prophet Muhammad, Locked-in Syndrome, Loopohole, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Reinvention, Family Research Council, Galaxy, Houla, Solar Flare, Special Forces, Mutation, Hostage, Kehua, Big Tobacco, Cyber Bullying, Inmate, Times, Keynote, Reformist, Collapse, Sandusky Scandal, Anti-Leaks, DDoS Attack, Snoring Behavior, Boat Hijackings, Endangered Species, Cute, Cosmo,




, Dawood Hospital, Coal, Wildfire, Ernesto, Pilgrimage, Death-row, Swine Flu, Supreme Leader, Terminator, Breastfeeding, Cocaine, Trilogy, Danny Chen, Unbelievable, Stoning, Plagiarism, Disturbing, Apollo, Curriculum, Rejection, Clinton Factor, Renewable Energy, Dress Code, Grid Failure, Electricity, Exploit, Baby Boom, Conversion, Impeachment, Backpedal, Flip-flop, Mistake, Beached, Ebola, Grammar, Torch, Suppress, Disclose, Muslim, Dark Knight, Rebuilders, Dengue, Gu Kailai, @BarackObama, AK-47, Deteriorating,


, Bush-era Taxes, Ri Sol-Ju, Anglo-Saxon, Greenland, Organic, Rate-rigging, Insurance, Shield, Birthrate, Colorado, Mukherjee, Remembrance, Joe Paterno, Joker, Turtles, Broke, Bird Flu, Treasure, YouTube, Trans-fat, Kingpin, Most-wanted, Wikimania, WTO, Peace Corps, Anti-nuclear, Evacuate, Treasury, Bain Capital, Molest, Comeback, Hama, Golden Dawn, London Whale, Tremseh, 40000, Mladic, Peugeot, Stones, NAACP, Freeh Report, Euthanize, Contraception, Jubilance, No Child Left Behind, Arizona, Balochistan, Arm-wrestling, Child Soldier, Arsonist, Deforestation, Shenzhou-9, Ambassador, Maoist, Baghdad, Monsoon, NYT, Madoff, Decriminalize, Territorial Dispute, Aircraft Carrier, Ivory, Nieto, IRA, Lesbian, Confession, Secretary, Asian Pivot, Jolie, Plumber, Vice President, Gacaca, Consolidate, Salute, Meningitis, Nerve Gas, Tyrant, Stress, Apology, Gay Pride, Coca-Cola, Casey Anthony, Times-Picayune,



, Whitey Bulger, Greenhouse, Moscow Protests, Sovereignty, Yahia, Sesame Street, Recall, Ugly, Defense of Marriage Act, Supervolcano, Marie Colvin, The Spear, Video, Flame, Bankrupt, Enslaved, Flesh-eating, Keywords, Culture, Tiananmen, Leveson Inquiry, Greenpeace, Transplant, SpaceX, Fast and Furious, IPO, Liquidity, Sexologist, Dow Jones, Bigfoot, LaMar, Desert, Hazing, Edwards Trial, Exoneration, Orthodox, Overthrown, Leak, Diva, Fundraising, Endorsement, Bully, Sniper, Ponzi Scheme, Elizabeth Warren, Fatwa, Tiger Mom, Planned Parenthood, Fracking, Junta, Countercoup, Publicity Stunt, World Trade Center,

Pirate Bay

, Medunjanin, NRA, Wire-tape, Rubio, Murdoch, Misconduct, Mob, Breitbart

Editor's note: bolding does not indicate that a word appeared more frequently.