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Great Weekend Reads

In Pakistan, polio workers are threatened by militants, in the Americas, nuns face a modern-day Inquisition, and after calling off the congressional vote on Plan B(oehner), the United States draws nearer to the fiscal cliff. 

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the most important stories from GlobalPost and a look at some of the news you may have missed.


A New Inquisition: The Vatican's investigation of American nuns
The Vatican is reining in the progressive leadership of American nuns, which has led to a global clash over the future of the Catholic Church.




Hillary Clinton: What's next for the top diplomat and presidential aspirant?
As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton gets set to step down, even amid Benghazi woes many ponder her legacy and possible presidential run in 2016.




Will the real President Morsi please stand up?
Egypt President Mohamed Morsi might be the most enigmatic man in the Middle East.





For Pakistan's polio workers, now threatened by militants, the job is a matter of life and death
Pakistan's health workers discuss the challenges and fears of working during a polio vaccine drive.





Holiday Eats: Recipes from around the world
GlobalPost scoured the far corners of the globe to find the most delicious and adventurous holiday eats.





Why Chinese immigrants choose America
Hint: It is not their love of apple pie.






Fiscal cliff: Plan B vote called off
The GOP's Plan B on the fiscal cliff was called off tonight after House Speaker John Boehner failed to get enough support from his fellow Republicans.





Syria's newest key battlefield: the Lebanese border
Damascus, the Syrian capital, is mere miles away from lawless Lebanese border, where rebel guns and fighters are pouring over.





PlanetPic: End of the world?
Photos: Maya and revelers ready for a new day.






The best memes of 2012: The most important year-end wrap up you'll ever see
KONY 2012, Grumpy Cat, Gangnam Style and more: How the Internet amused us in 2012.