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Holiday Eats: Recipes from around the world (PHOTOS)



Flickr: dbgg1979

GlobalPost, with the help of our correspondents, scoured the far corners of the globe for some delicious and adventurous holiday eats. If you're tired of the same traditional holiday meal as always, why not experiment with one of these?

Although, vegetarians beware, our recipe submissions were pretty carnivorous.

Check out each of the recipes below:

POLANDBorscht with mushroom dumplings

ITALYItalian stuffed capon

CHINAChinese New Year cake

PORTUGALChristmas Eve salt cod

PERUPeruvian pisco sour

DENMARKDanish almond rice

INDIAIndian Christian style duck curry

CUBACuban pierna asada

THE PHILIPPINESNew Year's Eve Lechon

Share some of your own holiday recipes!