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Pakistani Polio Workers Killed During Vaccination Campaign

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The feet of a female worker of an anti-polio drive are tied by rescue workers after her body was brought to Jinnah Hospital morgue in Karachi December 18, 2012. Gunmen shot five health workers on an anti-polio drive in a string of attacks in Pakistan on Tuesday,officials said, raising fears for the safety of workers immunizing children against the crippling disease. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro (PAKISTAN - Tags: HEALTH CIVIL UNREST)



In Pakistan, seven health workers have been shot and killed while working on a nationwide polio vaccination campaign.

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Taliban militants have in the past accused polio vaccination workers of being US spies.

Now the UN children's agency UNICEF has suspended its vaccination campaign in Pakistan.

Dr. Julie Hall is global team leader for UNICEF's Polio Eradication Program.

Anchor Marco Werman speaks to her about the killing of health workers.