Nick Kristof, New York Times columnist, 'detained' in Bahrain at airport


Frustrated by a lack of progress, a younger, more militant faction of Bahrain’s reform movement is threatening violence.



New York Times columnist Nick Kristof tweeted he has been "detained" in Bahrain at the airport but should be leaving soon: "I'm on a morning flight out. They say they'll give my my passport back at gate. They're very pleasant as autocrats go."

Kristof arrived in Bahrain where he was denied entry and then detained at the airport. He had traveled to the country to report on human rights abuses and "repression in Shia villages" there.

Two weeks ago, TV reality star Kim Kardashian made a controversial trip to the Middle Eastern kingdom to open one of her Millions of Milkshakes restaurant chains.

Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, said the country has long been investigated for its human right abuses and that Kardashian was "either vapidly insensitive to the plight of those being persecuted in the country or a willing dupe of a government eager for people to forget its repression," according to RYOT News.

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In March, Reporters Without Borders named Bahrain "enemy of Internet" for its crackdown on bloggers and for "keeping the international media away, harassing human rights activists... smearing and prosecuting free speech activists, and disrupting communications, especially during the major demonstrations."


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