Chinese police chief fired over twin mistresses

A Chinese police chief has lost his job after reports claimed he kept twin sisters as mistresses and offered the women police jobs.

State media in China are reporting that Qi Fang, police chief in Wusi City in Xinjiang province, arranged jobs for his mistresses after he was promoted to run the local Public Security Bureau, which oversees the police, according to AFP.

The state-run news agency Xinhua said that the allegations against Qi first appeared on a popular social media website accompanied by a photo showing both of the scantily-clad mistresses in bed, according to the BBC.

The BBC said Qi reportedly found a job for one of the women as a special operations officer while the other worked in the traffic department.

News portal said the sisters were 31-year-old members of a dance troupe, according to the South China Morning Post. The BBC also reports that the website claimed Qi rented a luxury apartment for the sisters in the city's high-end area and charged the rent as an official expense.

"An initial investigation … found that what internet users claimed was partially true," Tacheng officials told Xinhua. "The investigation is ongoing."

It's the latest in a series of sex scandals to hit Chinese officials.

Lei Zhenfu, a district Communist party secretary in the southwestern mega city of Chongqing, was fired last month after a video showing him having sex with an 18-year-old was circulated online.