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The Case of Fine Italian Wine Down the Drain

This Geo Quiz has a rich, dark red character with a complex taste.

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No seriously, police in Italy have a new and puzzling case to investigate.

$16 million worth of red wine, or enough to fill about 80,000 bottles has been sabotaged.

The wine is among Italy's most celebrated varieties.

We're looking for the name of the small hilly town in Tuscany where the crime went down.

It's about 70 miles south of Florence where the warm air and dry soil is perfect for growing a special variety of the Sangiovese grape.

Can you name this Tuscan village?

We get the facts of the case from Carla Capalbo who lives in Italy and writes about Italian wine and food.

She describes the incident that occurred in Montalcino, a small hill town in central Italy's grape growing region that has shocked wine lovers both for the loss of the great wine and for wiping out one of the world's extraordinary vintners.