Devastation in Homs is proof that Syrian rebels don't have the firepower to beat Syrian army, but they have other ways of removing the Assad regime.
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A car bomb in the central Syrian city of Homs killed at least 15 civilians and injured 24 more on Sunday. 

The attack occurred in an upscale government-controlled area of the city, and reports from both opposition activists and state-run media confirmed the death toll was at least 15 people. 

Some of those injured were said to be in critical condition, Reuters reported. Some of the nearby buildings were also damaged in the explosion. 

Many Syrians have taken up residence in the area after fleeing other sections of Homs, the Washington Post reported

"The Hamra neighborhood has been under regime control throughout the revolt," head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman told Agence France Presse. "The blast hit an area where there is a large vegetable market. The closest checkpoint is some 500 meters (yards) away."

Meanwhile, Syrian warplanes and artillery were targeting Damascus and its rebel-controlled suburbs, as the opposition forces attempted to make their their way to the capital, the center of Assad's base of power, the Associated Press reported

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