GUADALAJARA, Mexico – The bodies of 19 men have been found in the northern state of Chihuahua, which has been hard hit by drug-related violence in recent years.

Eleven of the bodies had been buried two years ago in mass graves near Ciudad Juarez, one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the BBC reported.

Another eight victims, who had been tortured and killed in the past few days, were found along a road near Rosales, the Associated Press reported.

Some of the men had been burned and had their eyes cut out, the AP said.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed or gone missing in the past six years as drug-related violence escalated in the wake of President Felipe Calderon’s decision to launch a militarized campaign against drug traffickers.

But as he prepares to leave office on December 1, Calderon admitted in a recent interview with the Economist that stopping the deadly drug trade was “impossible.”

"It has never been the objective...of the public-security strategy, to end something that it is impossible to end, namely the consumption of drugs or their trafficking,” Calderon said.

“The fundamental objective is to establish the rule of law through an integral strategy that involves combating the criminals, constructing reliable and effective security and justice institutions, and reconstructing the social fabric."

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