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Fake dentist kisses female patient's buttocks, gets arrested


A fake dentist in Florida was arrested for kissing the buttocks of a patient among other crimes.


John Moore

Police in Florida arrested a man last week who stands accused of posing as a dentist as well as sexual battery for having kissed a patient's buttocks to ease the pain from a needle.

Forty seven-year-old John Callazos was arrested in his warehouse in Davie, Fla. where he had a dental supply outlet.

Collazos apparently preyed on undocumented migrants who came to the warehouse to have dental work done.

"Six months ago, this gentleman opened a dental shop, and I started seeing people come in. He always was wearing his mask, and his scrub, like a dental scrub," Carlos Mier, who works nearby, told Fox News Latino.

The woman who reported the buttock-kissing incident was initially afraid to come forward because of her immigration status.

When she did she said that Callazos had made sexually suggestive comments to her before injecting her with a painkiller for dental work, said the Associated Press.

To ease the pain of the needle, he kissed her bum.

He had previously run his unlicensed dental practice in Hollywood, Fla. but moved when police caught on to him.

He has been charged with four counts of practicing without a license, another four for using equipment without a license and one count of battery.