China restaurant blast kills at least 14 people


A view of an explosion site at Jiatian International Mansion on Nov. 14, 2011 in Xi an, Shaanxi Province of China. Seven people have been confirmed dead and 31 others injured after an explosion, caused by a liquefied petroleum gas leak.


China Press Photo

A gas leak is the suspect in a restaurant explosion that killed 14 people and injured 47 in Jinzhong, China.

Wu Dongyong, who was in the restaurant, told Xinhua news:

"The explosion happened on the first floor. We could not see anything after the explosion. When the fire started, we were able to escape from the restaurant. I escaped on my own, most of us ran out ourselves. But we don’t know what happened after we escaped. I think it might have been caused by a gas leak. My hand was injured when I ran out from the restaurant."

AFP News notes China has a "notoriously" poor health and safety record.

The Associated Press points out explosions in China's restaurants is common. 

On November 14, 2011, a liquefied petroleum gas leak exploded in a restaurant in the city of Xian, killing seven people.

Reuters reports: