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Camel escapes Los Angeles circus, tours city streets (VIDEO)


Atula the camel greets adoring Los Angeles media after escaping from the Ramos Bros. Circus in California on Friday, November 24, 2012.



If big-city life is the rat race, then why did a camel just run down a suburban Los Angeles street?

The one-humped wonder escaped from Ramos Bros. Circus on Friday morning in Glendale, California during routine exercises.

It took 10 handlers – and a carrot – to return the camel to its tent after they caught up with the animal about a block away at a local gas station.

“Literally there was 10 people running after this camel, it was craziness on the street, I heard kids yelling and screaming,” witness Diana Madison told TV station KABC.

Douglas Ramos, co-owner of the circus, told ABC News that someone dropped a wrench, spooking the camel.

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“You know, we do this every day. This time I guess she just wanted to go shopping or something, I don’t know. Black Friday deals,” Ramos said.

After its jaunt to the Mobile station down Glendale Boulevard, Atula the camel performed that night as usual, the LA Times said.