Buried treasure in Venezuala with $550,000 find: report


Venezuela's National Guard discovered rolls of $100 bills amounting to $550,000 buried near the country's border with Colombia today.



Venezuela's National Guard discovered $550,000 buried alongside a gun and a stash of cocaine near the country's border with Colombia, BBC News cited the interior ministry as saying today. 

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The country's ministry spokesman, Jorge Galindo, said authorities found tons of $100 bills stuffed into six plastic bags and buried near the Meta river along with a couple pounds of cocaine. 

He did not provide more details, according to BBC. It was unclear exactly how the National Guard had tracked down the money in a rural area of Venezuela's western Apure state.

Several Colombian drug dealers have been jailed in Venezuela, and guerrilla drug cartels often operate in the border region shared by the two nations, said BBC