Singapore: Richest nation also most stoic


A view of the Marina Bay Sands (L) and financial district highrises (R) in Singapore on June 14, 2012.


Roslan Rahman

Yet more evidence that money can't buy happiness, or any other kind of emotion for that matter.

Singapore, which The Guardian points out, has nice weather, low unemployment and high per-capita GDP, is according to a recent Gallup poll the world's most emotionless society. 

A three-year survey by Gallup looked at 150 countries, and asked 1,000 citizens if they "they experienced five positive and five negative emotions a lot during the course of a day," according to CNN.  

Gallup reported:

"Singaporeans are the least likely in the world to report experiencing emotions of any kind on a daily basis. The 36% who report feeling either positive or negative emotions is the lowest in the world." 

On the other side of the spectrum, Filipinos "are the most emotional."

Citibank's 2012 "Wealth Report," predicts Singapore to the world's richest nation by 2050.

Here are the rankings. (Below are the questions asked of the survey's participants.)

Most emotionless societies.gif