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Spain's tourism minister puts deer testicles on head, poses for picture



New York Daily News

If you squint hard, it almost looks like Spanish Minister of Tourism Carlos Delgado is wearing a bow on his head. A bow made of balls.

Delgado is coming under fire after a photograph of him with deer testicles on his head from 2009 has now gone viral in Spain, La Voz de Calicia reported. Delgado recently went on a Spanish public television show and tried to address the controversy.

"I like the big game, small game, fish, bulls and many other healthy habits that we like all Spanish. I will not catch everything I like," he said on the show, according to La Voz. His comments could indeed justify why he went hunting, but still do not explain why there were deer testicles on his head. He added later: "The photos are with a group of friends from Mallorca, are images taken in a friendship, a family album have been taken and delivered daily. It is a private matter." It is also a private parts matter. 

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Animal rights activists are angry about the testicles picture as well as another photo that shows him posing with a rifle over the deer's corpse. “This is harming Spain's image and dragging the country back to the 11th Century,” Chesús Yuste, of the Parliamentary Association in Defense of Animals, told the New York Daily News.“He is a minister for tourism, but what kind of tourism is he promoting here?”