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Wedding groom dies after falling on beer glass


Police are investigating the accident and will prepare a report for the coroner.


Joe Raedle

A Brazilian groom died at his wedding reception when he tripped and fell on a beer glass which he had put in his trouser pocket.

The Daily Mail reported  witnesses said Fabio Jefferson Maciel, 33, was fooling around with one of the bridesmaids at 2 a.m. on Monday morning when the freak accident happened.

The beer glass smashed and severed his femoral vein, a major artery to the top of the leg.

He suffered massive blood loss and died on the way to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. 

A friend of the couple, Fabiana Sena, 31, told Brazil's O Globo newspaper that Maciel's widow, Geise Guimaraes, is in shock.

"She just cries and says "I want my husband back". Nobody can believe what happened, and even less the way it happened."

Only hours earlier, about 200 people had watched the adoring couple exchange vows in a church ceremony before they celebrated at a reception at a beachfront club in Brazil's capital.

His funeral will be held next week.