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Impersonating Obama in Asia


Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas (R), who found fame impersonating US President Barack Obama in Indonesia four years ago, posing with lookalikes of late US singer Michael Jackson - Fauzi Hamid Umar (L), Mr. Bean - Vico Rahman (2nd L) and Brazilian football star Ronaldinho - Ronaldikin (2nd R) at a street food court in Jakarta.



As President Barack Obama tours Asia on his first trip abroad since reelection, fans and impersonators — yes, impersonators — continue to show their support and enthusiasm.

The president's visit included stops in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, which is hosting the East Asia Summit.

Fred Armisen, a 42-year-old comedian of white and Asian heritage who has played Obama on "Saturday Night Live," has some stiff competition from Eastern impersonators. In Japan, comedian Nozomu Sato has won acclaim by paying tribute to Barack Obama. An unlikely look-alike, Sato told TIME "I thought he was a pro wrestler or a fighter or something."

In Indonesia, the president's childhood home, Ilham Anas, a photographer who bears a "striking resemblance" to Obama, became something of an overnight success when he started to double for the president.

Indonesians remember Obama as a chubby kid named "Barry" during his school days in Jakarta, the Jakarta Globe reported. In 1967, Obama and his mother moved there with his stepfather, who was Indonesian.

But perhaps nothing quite beats this YouTube video from impersonator Reggie Brown, performing a hilarious rendition of Obama Gangnam Style!