Mexico: Cinepolis cinema shooting of 10-year-old boy sparks outrage




GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Cinepolis today offered to compensate the family of a 10-year-old boy shot dead during a screening of "Wreck-it-Ralph" in Mexico City more than a week ago, as Mexico’s largest cinema chain and police came under attack over their handling of the tragedy.

Hendrik Cuacuas was slain on November 2 as he sat next to his father and 12-year-old sister in the packed cinema hall, but news of his death only broke this week, McClatchy Newspapers reported.

The incident happened about half an hour into the screening of the animated Disney film. The boy’s father, Enrique Cuacuas, told police he “heard something whiz past his ear” and moments later turned to see his son “convulsing and bleeding from the head.” 

He died two days later.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the autopsy report said the boy was shot from a distance of “about four to six feet.” But, strangely, no one inside the theatre reported hearing a gunshot.

#Cinepolis is one of the top trending topics on Twitter today as Internet users express their concern – and outrage – over the deadly attack.

While many bemoaned the deteriorating security situation in Mexico, others criticized the cinema operator for continuing to screen the movie after the boy was evacuated. Others attacked authorities for taking more than a week to seal off the cinema to gather evidence.

Coco Alvarado tweeted: "Negligent and insensitive. Cinepolis didn't make a sound in order to avoid a scandal during the film festival in Moreila."

“Cinepolis has no shame, I am never going there again," another Twitter user said.

"Going to Cinepolis is considered an extreme sport in Mexico," tweeted El Carlos Vega. 

Ruben Arellano, a television reporter, tweeted that Mexico City authorities “begin investigations at the scene of the homicide only 10 days late. Incredible!” 

Cinepolis appeared to move into damage control today when CEO Alejandro Ramirez promised the company would cover the family’s medical, funeral and counseling expenses, Milenio newspaper reported.

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