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Bicycle Innovation on Display in Taiwan

Bicycles and bubble tea are your first clues for our Geo Quiz.

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The East Asian city we're looking for has at least a couple of cool claims to fame. Bubble tea is said to have been invented in this city's teashops – back in the 1980"²s.

If you own a bicycle, chances are good that at least one of its components was made in this city. There are hundreds of bike manufacturing plants there that churn out everything from spokes and rims to chains and pedals for global distribution.

Can you name this East Asian city that looks out on the Taiwan Strait?

The East Asian city that's hosting an international bicycle trade show is Taichung. The Taichung Bike Week is underway.

Representatives for hundreds of bike brands are showing off new gear and components a little like fashion designers show off their latest creations.

Nicole Formosa, international editor for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, says Taichung Bike Week is a sneak peak at innovative high-end bicycle designs that are still a couple of years away from reaching consumers.