Petraeus reportedly told Paula Broadwell to stop harassing Jill Kelley


General David Petraeus(L), former head of the allied forces in Afghanistan, takes the oath of office as the next director of the Central Intelligence Angency from US Vice President Joe Biden on September 6, 2011 during a ceremony at the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC.



The former director of the CIA, David Petraeus, reportedly told his biographer Paula Broadwell, the woman with whom he allegedly had an affair, to stop sending threatening e-mails to family friend Jill Kelley after he was notified of the harassment, according to officials.

Former staff members and friends told The Associated Press Petraeus was "shocked" when he learned about the emails and contacted Broadwell around the middle of the summer.

They say his relationship with Kelley was strictly platonic.

Petraeus resigned Friday, after an FBI investigation brought to light his affair with Broadwell, who was the source of the anonymous e-mails to Kelley, CNN reported.

Federal investigators said the emails to Kelley "told her to stop behavior she saw as overly friendly toward Petraeus, or she would be exposed," according to the Washington Post.

The Post said Kelley contacted a friend in Florida who worked at the FBI, saying she did not know who was sending the threats, according to officials.

"The new information, provided by two law enforcement officials, helps fill in a summer timeline when Petraeus’s e-mail account became the subject of a federal investigation," the Post wrote.

As the story continues to unfold following his resignation, it raises additional questions about possible security leaks and national security.