Karachi: Taliban attack paramilitary base


At least nine people were dead and 16 other wounded after a suicide bomber attacked a compound in northwestern Pakistan on Saturday.


Daniel Berehulak

KARACHI, Pakistan — The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for a blast that took place at a paramilitary base in the country's largest city.

Three people have died, and at least 14 were injured in the blast that took place during the city's morning rush hour, Dawn news reported. The base belonged to the Sindh Rangers, an elite force of the Pakistani Army that reports directly to the Ministry of Interior.

The Taliban, who have targeted security bases in Karachi before, said that the Rangers were targeted for harassing members of the militant group in Karachi, the Express Tribune reported. According to the Taliban spokesman, there are more targets listed.  

The blast, caused by a bomber ramming an explosive-laden truck into the entrance of the camp, could be heard up to 25 km away. According to a senior police official on the scene, more than 100 kg of explosives were used in the attack.

According to witnesses, the blast exploded after a truck drove through the gate of the Rangers' compound and hit a tree.

Shaista Mumtaz, who was waiting at a bus stop across the street from where the blast took place, said that smoke from the blast obstructed traffic.

"When it cleared, we could see that the building had a gaping hole in the side, and part of the building had completely fallen down," she said, adding that she lost her balance and fell immediately after the explosion took place.

Her brother, Aamir, who was also at the scene, added that had security at the base not been tighter, the blast would have been more deadly.

"The car had to stop at the tree, because Rangers closed off the perimeter," he said.