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India: Unarmed man goes berserk on Mumbai-Delhi flight


An Indian-operated SpiceJet Boeing 737-800 aircraft (foreground) takes off as a British Airways Boeing 747-400 aircraft (background) sits on the tarmac at the international airport in Mumbai on October 1, 2009.



An unarmed man went berserk on an Air Indigo flight from Mumbai to Delhi on Wednesday, slapping a flight attendant and making a break for the cockpit before he was subdued by crew and passengers. 

Though early reports do not suggest the incident was a planned terrorist attack, 40-year-old Mursalin Sheikh, a bearded man in a pathani suit, according to NDTV, allegedly threatened to bring the plane down. The Times of India reported that Sheikh allegedly shouted "Islamic slogans" during the altercation. 

In case you're planning a quick trip, please note that the mid-air scare follows another close shave on Tuesday, when four aircraft nearly collided above New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport when one of them misheard instructions from air traffic controllers.

As for Wednesday's dust up:

"This unruly passenger started screaming and also physically assaulted a crew member. The passenger also got violent with co-passengers, and tried to access the forward of the aircraft. IndiGo crew made appropriate announcements and deployed security measures to block access to the front of the aircraft and the front galley," NDTV cites a statement from IndiGo as saying.

Meanwhile, the TOI reports "Male passengers and the crew together pinned Shaikh down" -- which begs the question: How do you say "Let's roll" in Hindi?

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