Suicide bomber in Pakistan kills 6, including head of government-allied militia

A Taliban suicide bomber killed six people, including the head of a pro-government militia, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Saturday.

The explosion killed the former leader of the Awami National Party and anti-Taliban militia leader, Fateh Khan, as his car was leaving a gas station in the Buner area.

“So far, we can confirm reports of six people being killed in the suicide bombing. The bomber, who was riding a motorcycle, targeted the vehicle of Fateh Khan,” said police spokesman Noor Habib, according to Dawn.

The Christian Science Monitor said that Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility just shortly after the attack that wounded several others.

He said that the suicide bomber approached on foot, contradicting police reports.

Khan was likely targeted by the Taliban for his role in creating the Lashkar, a militia formed to stop the Swat Taliban from entering the Buner region, during the militant group's expansion in 2009.

The militia had been successful for removing the Taliban from the area before the Pakistani government was eventually successful in removing the militant group from nearby Swat.

The Monitor noted that Buner is still believed to be a hiding place for the Pakistani Taliban.

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