Cuba accuses US Havana mission of 'subversive' activities


Another red, white and blue: Cuban soldiers hoist Cuban flags in front of the US Interests Office in Havana.


Adalberto Roque

Cuba lashed out against the United States on Friday, accusing America of using its Havana mission to secretly support treasonous activity, according to a Foreign Ministry statement published in state media, reported the Associated Press

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The government charged the US Havana-based Interests Sections, housed at the Swiss embassy because the US does not have full diplomatic relations with Cuba's socialist government, with illegally providing online classes and internet services, said BBC News.

Various Cuban dissidents often use the internet to protest against the government, among them young opposition blogger and reporter Yoani Sanchez

"The US Interests Section in Cuba continues to serve as a general headquarters for the subversive policies of the North American government," the statement said, adding that America's "impossible" goal involves "converting its mercenaries into a credible internal opposition movement," according to AP.

Therefore, Cuba insists the US end all efforts to overthrow the government there and warns it will "use all the legal means within its reach to defend its sovereignty," according to the official statement quoted by China's Xinhua

US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland dismissed the political brouhaha but admitted that the mission offered internet classes, adding, "this wouldn't be necessary if the Cuban government didn't restrict access to the internet and prevent its own citizens from getting technology training," reported BBC