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Snake on a plane (no, really this time) lands in Scotland from Mexico


Furtivo, which means “sly” or “sneaky” in Spanish, will remain with Glasgow SPCA until animal workers can adopte him out. He was found hiding under some seats by Glasgow Airport workers cleaning a plane from Cancun, Mexico.


Glasgow SPCA

Talk about a fish out of water.

Someone has terribly misinformed this stowaway snake, which was found hiding under some seats on an airplane that landed in Glasgow, Scotland from Cancun, Mexico this week.

The weather in Glasgow when he arrived was about 39 F, while it was 84 in the seaside Mexican resort town.

Given that, don’t be surprised if “Furtivo,” as SPCA rescuers have named him, isn’t trying to sneak back onto a plane home soon.

“I can only imagine that Furtivo managed to sneak his way onto the plane while it was waiting to take off in Cancun, although it is also possible he has hitched a lift in someone’s hand luggage,” SPCA worker Billy Linton said.

“We have rescued several exotic creatures from international flights including scorpions, spiders, turtles and even giant land snails, so this isn’t as unusual as many people might think.”

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Airport workers – who Linton said remained “remarkably calm” – received the slippery surprise on Tuesday as they cleaned the plane.

They found the 18-inch reptile a box and called the SPCA, BBC reported.

Experts believe it’s a Middle American smooth-scaled racer.

“Racers aren’t venomous but, like all snakes, they can bite and Furtivo is very feisty,” Linton told BBC.

“Although small at the moment, he is still a juvenile and has a lot of growing to do.”

Furtivo, which means “sly” or “sneaky” in Spanish, the Daily Record said, will remain with Glasgow SPCA until animal workers can adopted him out.

Or find him a flight home.

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