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Fire blast shot out of black hole captured on camera


A huge fiery emission, bigger than our galaxy, stemming from a black hole was caught on camera by astronomers in Australia.


Dr Leith Godfrey, ICRAR and Dr Jim Lovell, UTas.

A huge fiery emission from a black hole was caught on telescope camera this week.

The researchers who caught the blazing jet coursing through space, which is larger than our own galaxy, said that it looked like the afterburner of a fighter plane.

The blast occurred more than two million light-years away, said

It is being referred to as PKS 0637-752 and was captured by an Australian telescope.

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The astronomers said that such emissions from black holes were nothing new but little is known about why they exist and what they are made of.

"Massive jets like this one have been studied for decades, since the beginning of radio astronomy, but we still don’t understand exactly how they are produced or what they’re made of," said the astronomer who saw the flare Leith Godfrey of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, reported TG Daily.

"If the brighter patches are caused by the same process in astronomical jets as they are in earthly jet engines, then the distance between them can give us important information about the power of the jet and the density of the surrounding space."

The Australian researchers hope that the photo will allow more study into what causes these black hole jets and how they affect their galaxies.