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Speeding mother races 131 mph without kids in carseats


Community Speed Watch volunteers track and record the speed of drivers through the village of Church Minshull in Cheshire, England.


Christopher Furlong

Maybe this Canadian is trying to unseat that Texas woman who glued her daughter to a wall as “World’s Worst Mother.”

Police patrolling some of the busiest roads south of Toronto, Ontario on Monday clocked a car speeding at 212 km/h – or about 132 mph, the Toronto Sun reported.

That’s nearly double the posted speed limits of 110 km/h (68 mph).

What made it worse, police told The Canadian Press, is they found two children in the car not properly strapped into their car seats.

It took more than one cruiser to force the woman to pull over her car about 2 pm as she raced along Highway 401 near Chatham, Ontario.

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Police said she sped past two cruisers trying to stop her, the Chatham Daily News said.

Cops said the children were a 6-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy.

The Ontario Provincial Police the 29-year-old Toronto woman with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, racing and two counts of failing to ensure a toddler is properly secured.

They also impounded her car and suspended her license for a week.

During a deadly five-month stretch in 1999, 15 people died in 12 crashes on those same roads.

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