What else should Hillary take the blame for?


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends a UN Security Council meeting on peace and security in the Middle East and doodles on her remarks.



Hillary Clinton said she didn't want a "blame game." Well, sorry Hills, but you've got one.

Pundits busied themselves dissecting the secretary of state's decision to "take responsibility" for the much-criticized security measures at the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, when Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were killed.

But Twitter was occupied by a far more important question: What else can Hillary take the blame for?

Under the hashtag #HillaryAlsoTookTheBlameFor, the internet suggested everything Clinton could, should, didn't and will never take the rap for.

These ranged from genuine grievances (heads up: they're not so great for laughs) to surreal ones (much funnier) to ones we'd rather they hadn't (do not mention cankles. Do not).

The pro-Republican social media watchers over at Twitchy identified it as strictly a conservative trend, a convenient trope that allows as many digs at Clinton as it does at "President Finger-Pointer" Obama (their words).

It arguably also speaks to the confusion over what Clinton actually took responsibility for and why, which conservative analysts have been discussing at greater length elsewhere.

Mainly, though, it's a way to say silly things about stuff you don't like. Here's our pick of the silliest.

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